For Skin Patients

Be Patient With Your Body

From the clinical experiences gathered by both Western and Oriental medicine, we know that common skin disorders aren’t lethal illnesses despite being very difficult to treat or cure. When a patient first noticed his or her patch of skin rash, it can be eradicated with relative ease, provided that the correct treatment is applied. Otherwise, incorrect treatment (using ointments) could turn the small patch of skin rash into chronic skin disorder, which with time becomes increasingly hard to treat and will take longer time to heal even when the proper treatment is chosen by the patient. Therefore, patients whose condition are already advanced need to understand that he or she needs to be persistent with the new treatment plan directed by our doctors at the Springwood clinic, and have patience with her or his own body to recover from perhaps years of incorrect prior treatment. Such patients should be convinced (by observing countless patients who recovers with the help of this technique) that our treatment plan is most effective, even among dermatological clinics within entire nation of Canada.

Foods to Avoid

During the treatment period the patient should avoid certain type of food, such as beef, lamb, or even various types of seafood if they cause allergic reaction in patients. Fried and high calorie food should also be avoided, to reduce the toxic level such food produce in a human body.

End the Ointment Dependence

Once the treatment plan directed by Springwood doctors is underway, patient’s dependence on cortisone or steroid ointment should be gradually cut down, until such dependence is completely removed. The reason for this precaution is we want to help patient avoid massive rebound of symptoms, but at the same time we know these skin ointments can cancel out the effectiveness of our treatment, which strive for removing residual steroid/cortisone in patient’s body.

More Greens and Less Pressure

Including in everyday diet fruits, vegetables and less meat and salt. To the degree a patient can take the complexity of one’s diet out of the equation, (it takes a lot of energy for our body to digest a complex meal) the easier it is for body to heal. At the same time, maintain a positive and patient outlook on life, and try to identify the external/internal pressures one takes on and then let them go. Such a balanced outlook will have tremendous impact in accelerating the recovery.