Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal formula is one of the most important treatment modality used by Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) doctors. It's custom selection of multiple herbs from more than 500 individual herbs according to each patient's condition and need. The herbal treatment is effective for internal and external condition, women and children conditions and wound to the bones. TCM doctor select suitable herbs based on TCM theories to make customized formula to help restore whole-body health and yin-yang balance. Such herbal formula can treat many disorders that can't be treated by allopathic medicine, and it can also be taken in addition to allopathic medicine to reduce its harmful side effects.

In addition, our clinic uses herbs that are scientifically prepared to reduce its essence to the powder form. To take it simply mix it with hot water. It's easy and does not require the long cook time and painstaking process for the herb preparation the traditional way. The taste is also much easier to swallow than the bitter taste of traditionally cooked herb. Office