Skin Revitalization Treatment

This method of treatment is originally recorded in Traditional Chinese Medicine's seminal, classical text, HuangDi NeiJin, dating back at least two thousand years. Originally the method involves localized puncturing using a thicker three edged needle to let out clotted blood underneath the skin in order to help the body restore health quickly.

Ten years ago, Dr. Tsai of Tokyo refined this method by using a fine needle to reduce pain, and aided by a vacuum suction apparatus to more effectively drive out stagnate blood trapped underneath skin areas affected by various skin disorders. The removal of the stagnate blood, which is often polluted by the use of steroid skin creams, allows the body to supply new blood to the affected skin to grow healthier skin. Our clinic uses advanced sterilized equipment that minimizes pain and can safely and effectively control the amount of blood being drawed.

Photos of Patients Healed with SRT

Prior to treatment

After treatment

Psoriasis patient of seven years. Had problem walking due to the condition. Patient before treatment

After recovering from psoriasis, patient was able to walk again. Patient after treatment

Tinea manus. (2008.04.07) Patient before treatment

Fully recovered. (2008.12.08) Patient after treatment